… no – not the final frontier, but what we are enjoying at RR Accountancy since the office move. Anyone who was lucky enough(?) to visit the shed will know we were heaving where we were – colleagues circling the two desks, cupboards overflowing – we were perpetually falling over things in the “organised” chaos.

Now – all have desks and computers, cupboards have space, new email addresses with lovely empty inboxes, and a whole opportunity to do it better. An uncluttered office environment has led to more space in my head to focus on clients and my business.

Then there is the whole walking to work thing. The 10 yard commute to the end of the garden really did not give much opportunity to gear up or to wind down – the 15 minute walk lets me focus on the day ahead – and then put it down again. So much healthier. Don’t get me wrong – working the way I have for the last 20 years has been of huge benefit when juggling all that has needed to be juggled – and I realise I have been so lucky to be able to do it that way – but it is fantastic to be leaving the garden and heading into town. Space to think.

And finally – and most importantly – I held my first quarterly review meeting with a client at the new office. They were able to share that space and take advantage of two hours completely dedicated to discussing their business – the past few months and the year ahead. Space away from their busy schedule to think about them.

If this is something you would value do get in touch – space for you.