Realising your future

We provide the following business support services:


Management Accounts

For most businesses regular management accounts are essential to inform decisions. We can produce these from our software – or teach you how to run them yourself. But it’s what you do with these that matters!! We can help with interpreting these and assist you to use them as an effective management tool.


Review Meetings

We offer regular review meetings for clients who find that a monthly, quarterly, six monthly discussion is helpful.

At these we can review performance, discuss targets and offer an external view on challenges faced or the progress of particular projects. We are also not unwilling to be very honest about expectations and realistic on the health of a business.


Business Coaching, Structure, Planning & Expansion

We have many years’ experience of many different businesses. This we use to ask questions, pose challenges, make suggestions about how you run your business. Many clients find that this is what makes us different and helps them to have a confidential discussion about the issues affecting them and their business performance. After all – we are running a business too – so we get it!!


Business Life Cycle

We help with starting, running, expanding and exiting your business.

The structure of a business can offer opportunities to efficiently extract income, enhance life style and grow. We offer advice on all stages taking time to understand where the business sits in your household.

We produce business plans and cashflow forecasts – we then break it down into targets you can work with – and then we help you to be accountable and realistic about how things are going.

When you wish to expand we can look at funding opportunities and support finance applications.

Then, when you wish to move on we can discuss and advise on options giving you the necessary information to make decisions and prepare your business for sale or otherwise.


Family Income Planning

Very few of us operate in isolation – how your business performs impacts on those in your family unit. We pride ourselves in offering clients the time to consider the family unit and maximise household income whilst minimising tax liabilities. We often give a range of options and take time to explain the implications of them all giving you the tools to make an informed decision.

We are also aware that sometimes households change and we can offer support in those times too.


Will Planning & Inheritance Tax Advice

We want you to feel supported in taking some of the decisions that will best protect you and your family’s future.

We are able to start the conversation about the inheritance tax implications of businesses and wills, and in particular what would happen to your business if you were not able to work for some time – particularly if you are responsible for a number of employees.

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