Moving to the new premises has been challenging – and indeed all consuming at points. From deciding which premises, to choosing furniture, to logos, to cabling, to waste disposal… I could go on.

In doing this I have relearnt a huge lesson. Anyone who knows me will say I am generally pretty adaptable and able to cope with things thrown at me – and able to turn my hands to most things.

However – it is important to recognise and remember limitations and bring in help where required – so there have been huge numbers of experts involved in bringing this project to fruition – legal, marketing, design, painting, web design etc.

I was reminded of a “monthly minute” I heard at a networking group some months ago where a virtual assistant said that most things she does anyone could do – the difference is she can do it faster and more efficiently than most people thereby freeing people up to do more profitable business. This has played in my head many times in recent weeks.

So – I am well aware that many clients could keep their own books and records – and indeed many do – but is this the best use of their time?

It was music to my ears when a long standing client turned to me and said that she has realised that she is “flogging a dead horse” trying to become “Queen of Administration and Accounts”, and hence she is going to look at doing it differently – and that involves us becoming more involved – but we can do it faster and more efficiently. This will free her up to do what she is really good at – and she is REALLY good at it!! Horses for courses.

So – if this rings true for you in any way please do get in touch and consider us the experts you can leave it to!