September brings many new beginnings for many people – not least the younger members of our society who all have fresh starts – new teachers, new classrooms and for some that big step of going up to “big school”!

That’s a bit like what it feels like for us at RR Accountancy.

We have moved into our new offices in the centre of Melton Mowbray – and we have been joined by new members of the team to help to service you better. We are sharpening our pencils, learning new passwords and processes and generally keen to begin the new phase.

For those clients who have been with me for a number of years – and there are many of you! – I should just like to say a huge “thank you”. We have gone from a corner of a sitting room, to a room in the house, to the “shed” in the garden to here – and it has been a long time coming. Many loyal clients have borne with me through the trials and tribulations of bringing up four children, several house moves and the usual challenges that life throws at us.

So – the difference it will make to you is that there are more of us so we will be able to respond faster and more efficiently – but rest assured – it is still me at the helm so do not hesitate to get in touch with any concerns or comments.

Finally – to those who took the time to complete the recent survey – I really appreciate it. I am humbled by many of the comments made, and I hope this move will address the few concerns that were raised.