Henry Moore Agricultural Services and Equine Transit

Providing multiple services to the farming and equine community, Henry is the quintessential Renaissance Man of the agricultural world. From storage, straw sales and long-distance haulage, to machinery repairs, farm labouring and paddock maintenance, Henry provides a full range of agricultural support services, and continues to diversify.

A flexible career

After becoming unemployed in 2010, Henry saw the opportunity to pursue his own interests and engage in his passion for the agriculture industry. Starting with a single tractor, he began working as a contractor to local farms, performing a range of farming services. In addition, he obtained 1500 tonnes of straw to resell and distribute within the farming and equestrian community.

As a qualified Class 1 and Class 2 HGV driver, Henry provides his own distribution and has since acquired 2 additional 120ft x 80ft storage sheds to hold and distribute greater volumes of stock.

Continuing development

In addition to the expanding storage capacity, Henry upgraded his transport machinery, allowing him to transport in greater volumes. Since launching, he has trebled his machinery, adding two tractors and a forklift to his garage and allowing him greater flexibility and versatility. He also frequently purchases machinery at auction and refurbishes them for retail.

Henry’s HGV license and experience also lends itself to another major element of his business – equine transport. He is regularly entrusted to transport show horses and hunt horses across the UK and Europe.

Working with RR Accountancy

As the growth of the business has been more reactive than planned, Henry has benefitted greatly from support and guidance from RR Accountancy. The use of QuickBooks helps him keep abreast of his multi-faceted business accounts while also making it easier to identify and reduce costly overheads, for instance ongoing machinery repair costs.

Henry’s versatility and flexibility allows him to be responsive and reactive to the needs of his customers while also retaining a varied and interesting workload. With an eye for an opportunity and a flexible approach to his business, Henry continues to grow his business and develop his services around the needs of his customers.

March 2018


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