The government support offered to the self employed has been criticised and may be subject to further announcements.

Several other measures may apply to you.

If your business runs from a property that you receive a business rates invoice for you may be entitled to one of the grants available.

If you employ people you may be entitled to access the job retention packages.

If you are VAT registered then the payment deferral may relate to you.

If you have an income tax payment due at the end of July then the income tax deferral is available to you.

If your income is affected then you may be eligible for universal credit – the minimum floor has been removed from 6 April – this is the figure that it is assumed you are earning based on 35 hours at minimum wage – instead it will be based on what you have actually earned.

If you have over £16,000 in savings you will not be eligible.

If you are sick you may be able to claim sick pay through Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance.

You may be entitled to a mortgage or rental holiday, or other loans or credit card bills terms may be renegotiated. Link here. and Here.

Disclaimer: this is our interpretation based on the information available and may be subject to revision so please check before acting upon it March 2020